UpReach takes responsibility and joins the leaders for climate action

To fight climate change and to inspire others to join, UpReach is making its efforts transparent and heads for a sustainable future.
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UpReach has joined the leaders for climate action that teamed up with climate experts and scientists to find out how we, as the digital industry, can contribute in the fight against the climate crisis.

By Leaders for Climate Action

The climate crisis affects us all and so we all should contribute in the fight against it. To accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future UpReach has taken immediate actions:

  • UpReach has measured and compensated its carbon footprint to decrease the damage that our emissions are causing to the planet. We are eager to repeat this in the coming future.
  • We made our move towards conscious business travel binding and cut down on all domestic flights and encouraged our team to choose digital meeting formats or travel by train. 
  • In support of climate strikes and immediate action we encourage our team to join global and local initiatives.
  • Meat and dairy consumption cause a lot of carbon emissions, so our food & catering is vegan by heart: Minimizing carbon-intensive food and drinks decreases our company’s carbon footprint significantly.

We take these steps with many more to come – Having one vision: Engaging and sustainable marketing solutions for our growing user- and client base.

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